Eco-Tourism on Lady Elliot Island

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Eco-Tourism on Lady Elliot Island


Lady Elliot Island is a fantastic Eco-Tourism attraction and Great Barrier Reef destination, 46 nautical miles north-east of Bundaberg. It’s the southernmost coral cay of the Great Barrier Reef.

The island is renowned for its fantastic scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities. Water clarity is incredible, you can see the wonderful array of underwater life.


There’s a total ban on fishing or taking anything from the surrounding waters, the island lies in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park’s Green Zone, the highest possible classification.

As such the waters around the island are absolutely brimming with life. The island is also home to a huge diversity of seabirds.

This means the island, not only being picturesque, is an astonishingly good place for photographs.

Lady Elliot Island is an eco-tourism capital. The island features an Eco-Resort, first established in 1985. Guided activities include reef walking, glass bottom boat tours, guided snorkel tours, island history tours, bird watching tours and turtle treks in season.


The island features an airstrip that stretches from shore to shore, so getting to the island is easy - tourist services to the island are provided by Seair Pacific.

Humpback whales migrate past the island between June and October each year, and whale sightings can often be made and while flying to the island. When swimming in the waters during those months, nearly every day whale-song can be heard in the water.

Between November and March green and loggerhead turtles lumber up the beach, the same beach on which they were born more than 50 years previously, laying their eggs in their sandy nests.
"Lady Elliot Island SVII" by © Underwater Earth / Catlin Seaview Survey - Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons

"Lady Elliot Island" by user Greg Schechter, uploaded to Licensed under CC-BY-2.0